An awning Carletonville is a roof like structure, often made of canvas or plastic, which serves as a shelter over a storefront, window, door or deck.

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Here are the different types of awnings available:

Aluminium Awnings Carletonville

Awnings CarletonvilleAluminium awnings Carletonville are ideal for industrial or commercial use as well as residential applications, our high strength-to-weight ratio and sophisticated design features of aluminium awnings, make it extremely easy and quick to install.

Benefits of Aluminium Awnings Carletonville

  • Aluminium awnings Carletonville are available in a range of colours.
  • There are a wide variety of shapes available including curved.
  • The unique clip-open system causes the awning to breathe, allowing hot air to escape between the panels while drawing in cool air under the awning.

Adjustable Aluminium Louvre Awnings Carletonville

aluminium louvre awningsHave shade in summer and enjoy the sun in winter with this very popular multi-application product. Adjustable Aluminium Louvre Awnings Carletonville are smart and practical and help increase your outdoor restaurant or entertainment area. We will help you choose the right aluminium louvre awning in Carletonville to suit your specific needs. With several years of experience supplying and installing adjustable aluminium louvre awnings, we are the best awnings company to get the job done on time and with the best quality products. All installations are supervised by management to ensure quality installations and customer peace of mind.

Adjustable Awnings Carletonville

Awnings CarletonvilleWith adjustable awnings Carletonville you can utilize your patio, braai or entertainment area throughout the year. Our adjustable awnings have been specifically designed to allow 50% SUNSHINE to shine through the vanes when FULLY open. It is designed this way to maximize sunlight in winter or to provide shade from the hot summer sun. This louvre design allows the air to escape in the summer while closed, ensuring a cool patio in Carletonville.

Available Adjustable Awnings Carletonville Options:

  • Irregular Shapes possible
  • Manual Operations
  • Motorised Operations
  • Wind Sensor Options

If you're looking for a reliable and affordable adjustable awnings supply and installation company in Carletonville, then look no further. We help you choose, purchase and install the best awnings for your requirements.

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Canvas Awnings Carletonville

Awnings CarletonvilleOur canvas awnings Carletonville are manufactured from top quality acrylic which is Scotchgard for extra protection against the elements. The fittings are manufactured from aluminium, stainless steel and nylon to prevent corrosion. The gearbox enables you to adjust the Drop Arm to any position for optimum sun control.

Wide Range Of Canvas Awnings Carletonville Available

Choose from our fun, fashionable colours of durable and affordable canvas awnings Carletonville. We will help you choose the right canvas awning to suit your specific requirements. We are one of the leading suppliers and installers of Canvas awnings in Carletonville. Contact us today for a FREE canvas awnings quote!

Carport Awnings Carletonville

Carport Awnings Carletonville, If you are looking for almost the same durability and optimum weather-protection attributes that steel awnings provide, there is a more affordable alternative for you, carport aluminum awnings Carletonville. Just like steel, aluminum can effectively shield your car from the sun's rays, rain, and heavy weather. An upmarket solution to the dreary, rusty carport, (only for discerning vehicle and home owners)

Chromadek Awnings Carletonville

Chromadek Awnings Carletonville are the most Economical, popular, strong and practical awnings solution available on the market today.

Classic Awnings Carletonville

Classic Awnings Carletonville are perfect for external doors and windows keeping the temperature ideal for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Aluminium awnings are lightweight, manufactured to your requirements and require very little maintenance.

Wide Range Of Classic Awnings Options To Choose From

With classic awnings Carletonville, you can mix and match colours to your own design or achieve plain, flush or candy striped features. The design is aesthetical and practical as the panels are clipped in such a way as to prevent hot air build-up and therefore draw cool air under the awning.

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Door Awnings Carletonville

Door Awnings Carletonville provide practical solutions to protect your doors and indoor flooring. We specialize in the supply and installation of quality and durable door awnings for industrial, commercial and residential customers in Carletonville. Request your free door awning quote today.

Fabric Awnings Carletonville

Fabric Awnings Carletonville are irresistible, with bright colours to coordinate with your exterior colour scheme in order to create your dream home.

Fold Arm Awnings Carletonville

If you are looking at Fold Arm Awnings for sun protection of you patios or balconies contact Mr Awning for a wide range of colourful awnings to suit your personal requirements. There are a variety of accessories for our Fold Arm Awnings Carletonville including protective cassettes or pelmets, powder coated frames and motorised options. Get in touch with Mr Awning and request your FREE Fold Arm Awning quote today!

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Louvre Awnings Carletonville

Louvre Awnings Carletonville are practical, convenient and smart. Louvre Awnings are ideal for extending your entertainment or braai areas and for restaurants to extend their outdoor area.

Benefits of Louvre Awnings

• Keeps your patio and adjacent rooms cooler in summer.
• Warmer and lighter in winter.
• Increases your property value.
• Improves the aesthetics of your home.

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced louvre awning supply and installation company in Carletonville, then contact us today!

Louvre Awnings Price

It is our policy to give you, our valued client the very best price possible, we do not load our quotes, should you however be given a lower quote, please send it to us as we promise to better any written quote for the same product. SO what are you waiting for? Get in touch right away and request your FREE louvre awning price estimate today!

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Outdoor Awnings Carletonville

Outdoor Awnings Carletonville – The perfect awning patio cover to suit your home environment whether fixed or adjustable. Our unique structure is perfectly duplicated when installing an aluminum fixed patio awnings Carletonville. You may wish to integrate fixed aluminum sheets with clear or bronze polycarbonate sheets for awning patio cover that draws light into your home. These are also ideal for additional cover, an external scullery, storage area or a carport for that extra vehicle. The high quality custom-made patio awnings are designed for durability.

Patio Awnings Carletonville

Patio Awnings Carletonville – An awning patio cover is a great addition to your home and will certainly add elegance and comfort throughout the year. Patio awnings save you money by keeping your home cool in the summer, cut your electricity bill and blocks UV rays. An awning for a patio will block the sun and heat which will make your living spaces more comfortable.

Polycarbonate Awnings Carletonville

If you are looking for a cost effective and attractive solution to beautify and protect your home or office from the outside elements in Carletonville, our awnings are ideal. They offer sun, rain and hail protection. The materials used offer 99% UV protection, there is the option of complete shade or to still allow natural lighting to come through. Awnings can be extended to any length by joining sheets together using common brackets. Duolite awnings protects windows, curtains, and furniture from sun damage and keeps doors from swelling.

Our polycarbonate awnings are a great way to keep your house or offices cool during summer while protecting your doors, windows and people standing underneath it from rain and hail during the winter months. An awning is a canvas roof supported by a frame to give protection against the weather. It is also often constructed of aluminum under structure with aluminum sheeting. Polycarbonate Awnings Carletonville are used for both residential and commercial purposes. The main use of awnings is sun protection, it cuts glare and UV rays both indoors and outdoors, they provide shade and also reduce heat.

Different types of awnings are available. Awnings are visually stunning which goes together with the architectural design of any home or any commercial building.

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Adding Awnings

Many consider awnings as a classic addition to their homes in Carletonville. It may be because awnings became popular when people find delight in having afternoon teas and listening to radios on their patios and porches. Even in primitive ages, awnings are made and installed as protection for harsh weather and used to cover logs and open spaces. Awnings may seem to be simple structures but they can add class to even the simplest and most ordinary homes. Porch, deck, and patio awnings have become popular enough to catch even the attention of businesses and the corporate world.

Fixed awnings and Retractable awnings Carletonville

There are two kinds of awnings: fixed awnings and retractable awnings. Fixed awnings have fixed frames, the main frame is fixed to its place and the rafters must be adjusted by hand if you want to roll it up. Retractable awnings are more flexible as it allows users to retract the awnings from the wall and place it somewhere more suitable. Due to the flexibility of retractable awnings, they superseded fixed awnings easily.

Porch, patio and deck awnings are most commonly seen in residential homes. Aside from being a decorative piece, these kinds of awnings provide sun shades and protection from snow and rain. According to a lab test, houses with awnings have cooler interiors compared to homes without these structures. Porch and patio awnings are nice to locate above windows or an area along the sidewalk where you can sit and have a place where you can read a book, drink coffee or tea, or just sit and relax. No rust, no fading, chipping, peeling or leaking, the principle remains the same if you want to give your home a facelift or protect your possessions from the elements.

We have a range of fixed and adjustable awnings for patios; you decide which is right for you. Our team of experienced creative consultants will advise you on the best awning for patio solution.

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